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30 September 2007 @ 11:27 pm
Blog Crews & Misc.  

Blog Crews / Misc.

Addicted to: 강특
‡ Perversion Blog Crew! My kink is » 강특!sex
강특 makes my inner fangirl giggle and flail to { no end }.
I will go down with this 'ship. ♥ 강인 x 이특
[강인] x [이특] is my number one OTP~
i can't stop loving you~; 강특
강특 makes me happy in the pants.
《 [ダちゃん] ⇔ "김영운 ¤ 박정수"
Attending the wedding 김영운 x 박정수 ~
(김영운 ♥ 박정수) is my heart, mind and soul, my forever love
and .•°☆「김영운」☆彡 sings to .•°☆「박정수」☆彡 ~
where do you go when you're lonely?
i'll follow you when the stars go blue

I can't live without some 김영운 ♥ 박정수 fanservice. ☆.•°
With '강특' life couldn't get better
stop banging my head강특

Blame it on [ 강특 ] if I end up in HELL
for having dirty thoughts and doing nasty things.

I was § Kangin's Best Man § at the KangTeuk Wedding.

Baby, did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?
Good thing I caught you~
It doesn't matter if I had a hard day, because I know I can come home and cuddle up to 「박정수」
박정수 is my personal maid!
박정수 and ME = the ultimate OTP ever
Da-chanis property of박정수
The reason of my happiness 박정수
박정수 is my cuppycake
`` [박정수] is my one and only shining STR .
박정수; my damsel♥
박정수 : " Cause I can’t stop thinking bout U, ダちゃん."
박정수 + » internet obsession!!
I am 「LeeTeuk's Beloved Husband
박정수 blows my storm clouds away
박정수❤, let's create the perfect crime.
I steal your heart, and you steal mine
i keep 박정수 under my bed for EASY ACCESS
박정수 my legal drug
ミ★박정수 fangirl
I don't need to be the first one to comment on tons of creative blogcrews with pretty graphics and colours to know that 「박정수」 loves me forever and he's mine!

stop banging my head강인
Feel The ☆Shiny☆ Blogcrew김영운 | 강인
김영운 is my V.I.P.
김영운; my hero♥
김영운 + » internet obsession!!
I am 「the Royal Affirmer of Kangin's being Korea's Number One

김영운is my SKY

신동희 is my ★ father.
이성민 is my ★ mother.
김종운 is my ★ older brother.
김기범 is my ★ younger brother.
박정수 is my ★ wife.
김영운 is my ★ pet raccoon.

Tiffany + Da-chan » otp!
♡~Relaxtion Blogcrew~♡ → Tiffany

SM Ent Blog Crew♡ → Isak

{ Kim HeeChul } is my twin; weare the fiercest of fierce.

» Henry Lau « used a cheesy pick-up line
... but I fell for it anyway.

I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ Henry Lau ].
}}Henry Lau is my perfect man~
Henry Lau
puts the rainbow in my life
Henry Lau causes the butterflies in my stomach...
I am Mrs. Henry Lau
Henry Lau is the perfect epitome of Sex.
ATTENTION! »»» Henry Lau belongs to me!

신동희 » gl0mp4g3 m4gn37!!!eleventyone - ⌈ w o r d . ⌋
Knock Out ☆ 신동희 | 신동
extra extra » this just in 신동희 + His kickass dancing
stars flash flash; and there goes the cameras. stars
신동 and I did it for the lulz.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

김종운 운종김
김종운 is my lovebird
he sings me sweet songs every day & night

【ミ★ 권지용 | G-Dragon ░ Asian Male Blogcrew ♥ 】

최승현 | T.O.P.☆, your music saves my soul
*Asians Kick Bootie* Blog Crew최승현 | T.O.P.
Korean Boyband Blog Crew ☆ → 최승현 | T.O.P.
최승현 | T.O.P.; my hero♥
••• asian male artist blog crew ♬ 《 동영배 | 태양 | SOL 》

강대성 | D-Lite☆, your music saves my soul

In WINTER The s n o w f l a k e s melted on my skin as » 이승현 « embrace me tightly
and provide me his warmth, then whisper to my ears " 사랑해 "

Young Gunz (Winter Story) my 신화 title track
Angel (Brand New) my 신화 title track

i keep 윤은혜 in a c o o k i e j a r so no one can steal her from me

[ 櫻井翔 ] = daily dose of drug [sthu I won't die :D]
[ If I was stranded on a deserted island I would bring: matches, food, and 櫻井翔! ]
櫻井翔 makes my go DOKI DOKI
櫻井翔 is my
he sings me sweet songs every day & night

櫻井翔❤, let's create the perfect crime.
I steal your heart, and you steal mine
I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ 櫻井翔 ].

Da-chanis property of相葉雅紀
相葉雅紀 my legal drug
{相葉雅紀} served me breakfast in bed,
*ONLY* wearing an apron

I went with 錦戸亮 to the wedding of 武瑠 x ルチア
[ 錦戸亮 ] = daily dose of drug [sthu I won't die :D]
puts the rainbow in my life
Hmmmm. . . Stop it 亮ちゃん! I'm not hungry anymore [[[[ ;) ]]]]

One day, I decided to go Hana Kimi on Johnny's Entertainment.
After my many failed attempts, I finally got in! And guess who I made friends with? :D [赤西仁]♥

櫻井翔相葉雅紀町田慎吾 puzzle pieces of my S O U L

»Miyavi« is my セクシ セクシ L.O.V.E.R.

☆~{町田慎吾}~☆EVIL~TWINBlog Crew
yourWEDDING with 森田剛 is held at MASSUiance™house!
『S!U!H! J-Music!』 Mirage In Blue : Chemistry

•° I would like to have 櫻井翔 as my brother,
김희철 as my best friend and 김종운 as my lover! °•

MY THEME SONG » If Looks Could Kill A Heartwell Ending
« candyCREW Reese's Peanut Butter Cups »
[ ★☆ VIDEO GAMES CHARACTER BLOG CREW →Piplup | Pokémon☆★ ]
[ ★☆ VIDEO GAMES CHARACTER BLOG CREW →Shorty | Bust A Move☆★ ]
SMB 「raccoon mario」

DANNY NORIEGA is my honeybee

{ wear }

i'm in slytherin!
I am Sirius Black at the Harry Potter Blog Crew! Want to join?

is my OTP

[YEHSUNG] is my whore~